Do You Have Uninvited Guests In Your Home?

Protect your home from these uninvited invaders with a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your home. Dyna-Green will provide an insect shield around the outside of your home that will control such pests as ants, ticks, spiders and many more before they have a chance to enter. Starting at $39.99 for most homes, our Perimeter Pest Control Program is a proven way to enjoy the comforts of your home without having to deal with these uninvited guests. The standard timing of these applications are spring, early summer, late summer, and fall, however, applications may be started at any time.

Benefits of a Perimeter Pest Control Program

  • Keeps unwanted pests from entering your home
  • Takes place outdoors, it is not necessary to be home
  • Very low odor
  • Isn’t harmful to soil, flowers, lawn, or bushes


In any place on Earth that is suitable for habitation by humans, bugs are also certain to be found. Like humans, bugs are very resourceful, and quite adept at building or burrowing a home for themselves. That is why they are the most numerous groups of animals on the planet. Unfortunately, since humans and bugs must coexist, that can also mean that our interests will sometimes conflict. This happens because when insects come across a place of desirable temperature to inhabit, that place is sometimes your home. When they attempt to reshape it to fit their agenda, it can often result in some damage, to varying degrees. If that home happens to be in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, Dyna-Green can help you keep them out before they become a problem. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

If a space is large enough to provide an opening, pests will probably be able to breach it. While many lawn care companies who also offer this service will use backpacks to do this job, we use a spray unit wherever it is humanly possible. The reason being that the spray unit is much higher pressure and the product will permeate the smallest cracks that are not readily visible to the human eye. Our competitors like the backpack units because they do not use as much product, thereby increasing their short term profit margin. Dyna-Green, on the other hand, would much prefer providing an effective treatment that produces the results you deserve and your return business.

This is an up and coming service for us, and it is starting to grow because of the superb result that we have been delivering to each customer. If you purchase this program, we will apply our product four times per year. Here at Dyna-Green, we officially expect 80 percent reduction of lawn pests from the outside. While no lawn care service, including us, can honestly give a full guarantee of complete eradication of lawn pests from the outside property, it is what often happens when our staff does this job for you. Many of our customers have reported never seeing an ant or spider out in their landscape. It will repel all of the harmful pests, and will not cause any damage to your soil, any of your plants, nor your grass. We do not have to come inside for this application, so it is not necessary for you to be home when it is done.

Are you one of the unfortunate homeowners that has had experience with an invasion of insects? If the answer is yes, then why not give the perimeter pest control services of Dyna-Green an opportunity to help you make sure that it does not happen again. We outperform all of the competing lawn care companies in keeping those persistent bugs out of your home, so you will not have to call the exterminator to get rid of them after they have already entrenched themselves inside. We are the preferred choice for lawn aeration in Willoughby, OH and the Greater Cleveland, OH area for good reason. If you would like to entrust your lawn to the best in organic based lawn care services see our contact page.