Rejuvenate Your Lawn

Just like all living things, grass plants have a life expectancy also. As grass plants die out and other seed in soil takes hold, your lawn gets that old, worn out look. A seeding program helps control what your lawn looks like not only now but into the future as well. At Dyna-Green we can rejuvenate your old lawn with our seeding options.


A Core Aeration and Overseeding can help improve your lawns overall thickness while introducing newer, improved grass varieties. With this method, we core aerate your yard and then heavily broadcast our premium quality seed over top. Seed makes soil contact in the holes and germinates. There will also be seed left on surface that works in the soil and helps gradually thicken and strengthen lawn.A Slit-Seeding is the recommended way to go if you have larger bare areas or want to kill and reseed areas of your lawn. With this procedure, seed is placed into grooves cut in the soil for immediate soil/seed contact and much quicker results. This method costs more than the core aeration/overseed method but is a much more cost effective way to replace your lawn over a complete renovation.

If you do not have your lawn periodically reseeded, it will be taken over by other, inferior looking species. Dyna-Green’s seeding service surpasses all of its competition due to our methods, as well as the seeds that we use. This is an excellent lawn care service to purchase along with our aeration. The opening of plugs in the soil is a great time to fill them in with a plentiful supply of new seeds.

Customers who have had their lawns for several years, and have seen a deterioration to its look, might mistakenly think it is due to poor lawn fertilizer, or poor maintenance methods. The fact is, if you have not had your grass reseeded for several years, it will not have the same makeup as it did when it was first laid in, or when you first bought your home. If you wish to have a certain type of grass, it must be reseeded every couple of years, assuming it receives other proper lawn care services in order to maintain its health and vibrancy. If you have services that are not as effective as Dyna-Green’s organic based lawn care, then it may need to be done even more often.

At Dyna-Green, we keep up to date on the latest blends of sod. Bioengineering continues to advance rapidly, and there are far higher quality blends of turf than there were even just a decade ago. Even if you are not familiar with the makeup of your lawn, we certainly will be. Having your current sod replaced with greener, stronger turf that is more disease resistant will increase the effectiveness of our other lawn care services.

Our honest methods are what separate us from our competitors when it comes to this service. Many lawn care companies will use a minimal amount of seeding, and do it more often, so that they can make additional money from more frequent visits. They will use approximately one pound per thousand square feet. At Dyna-Green, we will not do anything that is not going to make a lasting difference to your lawn. When we seed your lawn, we do it right, so it does not have to be done multiple times more often. If your lawn is seeded by us, we will lay down between 10 to 15 pounds per thousand square feet, depending on the original thickness and current health of your individual yard. So while we may charge more than some of our competitors in the visit, you will end up paying less in the long run by not needing it done as often. You get more for your money with us.

Are you noticing a decrease in the lushness of your grass? It may be time for some fresh, new lawn seed. Call on Dyna-Green’s organic based lawn care company to do this for you. We are the preferred choice for lawn aeration in Willoughby, OH and the Greater Cleveland, OH area for good reason. If you would like to entrust your lawn to the best in organic based lawn care services see our contact page.