Tree & Shrub Care Program Designed to Keep your Landscape Healthy

We know how much time and money goes into a beautiful landscape. Dyna-Green’s Tree & Shrub Care program is designed to keep your landscape healthy by controlling insects and diseases throughout the year. Then in fall we apply a balanced root zone fertilization that provides the nutrients throughout the year to promote a vibrant root system and lush foliage.


Like many lawn care companies, our knowledge is not restricted to grass. Our professionally trained technicians are experts in the care of your landscape. We treat each plant individually with proper products to keep your landscape healthy and control pests. We also take into consideration the surrounding landscape and how each individual plant is affected.

A well maintained lawn is absolutely critical in having a good looking outside. However, a lawn is not meant to stand alone. It also serves as a canvas for an arrangement of shrubs, flowers, and trees, for the complete picture. Large trees can also serve an additional purpose of utility in giving shade to your home, thereby lowering your air conditioning bills in the warmer months of the year. In order for them to perform their jobs, however, they also have to be maintained. Trees, along with larger ornamental plants, do not need maintenance as regularly as grass. However, the maintenance they do need can often be more diversified, with the thousands of different species available for your decoration. Hence, they are more likely to not be optimally fed by homeowners, making them more susceptible to disease, and a loss of a valuable investment.

Like our organic based lawn care, our proud environmentally conscious company also uses natural products for tree and shrub care services. Whether it is a pest control product, or an organic based fertilizer, it will serve your plants well without harming children, pets, or yourself. The use of traditional, synthetic pesticides is kept to an absolute minimum. They are a last resort, only being used when we are dealing with something that will not respond to our standard approach. With each visit, our staff will give each of your plants a thorough inspection, using their trained eyes to pinpoint any potential developing issues. Essential to long term health is taking care of a small problem before it develops into a larger, and perhaps insurmountable one. We do not indiscriminately spray all of your plants.

Our company has received great feedback as a result of our well-researched choices of plant food. Our fertilization products have yielded outstanding results, with very active growth reported.
Having the best products, of course, will be all for naught, if you do not have an effective delivery system. For your sizable shrubs, and especially for trees with roots grown several feet beneath the surface level, our root zone fertilization techniques will make certain that the product will be absorbed by its target. Our certified and experienced technicians are second to none at employing these feeding techniques, leaving all of your plant life well fed, and maximally resistant to diseases and bugs. This is usually performed in the fall, before they go dormant, in order that your plants will have a steady supply of nutrients for an extended period of time.

As is the case with all of Dyna-Green’s programs, we use only the most environmentally responsible products available for our tree and shrub program. It is our policy to minimize all pesticide use. For this reason, we will evaluate your landscape during each visit and only spray the plant material the needs spraying based on activity and weather conditions.

Are you interested in having Dyna-Green provide your valuable plant life with the most competent organic based services around town? Our tree and shrub care service, like our lawn aeration, lawn seeding, or any other lawn care services we offer, will be performed with guaranteed positive results. If you would like to entrust your lawn to the best in organic based lawn care services see our contact page