Organic Based Fertilization Programs

At Dyna-green we use the highest quality ORGANIC BASED fertilizers available to help provide the best results, both short term and in the long run. These fertilizers utilize different nitrogen sources to help provide a fast acting but long lasting benefit to your lawn without the burn potential or high salt content of traditional synthetic fertilizers. These blends also include valuable organic matter with natural bio-stimulants. Research confirms that applying natural organic matter reduces the organisms that cause the plant diseases that play havoc on millions of home lawns each year. When taken up directly by your lawns root system these organic substances also help your lawn’s natural ability to endure periods of heat and drought.


Our proven fertilization practices are only half the story on how we provide you a “More Dynamic Lawn”. We understand that just green isn’t good enough. To have that beautiful lawn that we can both be proud of we must keep out the pests. Whether it be Weeds, Insects, or Diseases, we will responsibly apply the safest, most effective pesticides only as needed.Our experienced technicians watch and monitor your lawn for the various problems that may be taking place during the time of year and weather conditions that are occurring when we are there doing your treatment. If we see an additional need we will make the appropriate recommendations. We value our time with our families and try to respect the time our customers have with theirs.

Proper nutrition is essential for your lawn. Grass will not be as thick, nor as green, without a good lawn fertilizer. What’s more, it will also render it more vulnerable to being killed and displaced by weeds, or far less able to resist an attack by insects or grubs. If you reside in the Willoughby, OH region, you can call on Dyna-Green to provide top rate organic based lawn care to ensure your lawn’s health year round.

Our regular program consists of organic based lawn fertilizer. Traditional synthetic lawn fertilizers are far more likely to cause burns and browning out of the lawn than natural formulations. The organic based lawn fertilizer is rich with nitrogen, and also contain an array of bio-stimulants. They encourage beneficial microbes to grow and attack diseases and insect pests that are a constant threat to your turf. Another advantage of this approach is the environment. In these organic based products, there are no man-made chemicals that are released on your grass or into your soil that could potentially be hazardous to children or pets that use your yard for recreation. Our lawn fertilizer will improve your soil’s structure and makeup, and the results will be both quick and long-lasting.

At Dyna-Green, we also know better than anyone that proper nutrition is only half the battle to a thick and healthy lawn. That is why, in our organic based lawn care service, we also make sure to use environmentally friendly weed control products that will eliminate those resilient species without harming beneficial organisms. Our highly trained staff is very adept at taking care of a small problem before it becomes widespread. They will conduct regular inspections of your lawn, spotting one of those floral pests before it is covering an entire section of your yard. We also know that all weed species do not respond identically to the same product, so we carry a variety in order to be sure that whatever is present in your lawn, we can eliminate it.

To further assist in the ability of the roots of your turf to acquire the nutrients that we deposit into your soil, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our lime treatment once per year. Since we have been providing lawn care services, we have noticed a clear difference in the outcomes of the customers that have purchased this service. Over time, rainfall can raise the acidity of the soil. Grass is sensitive to this pH change; it does not respond as well to fertilization. In addition, there are many species of weeds that love acidic soil. This has the potential to create a vicious cycle of surviving weeds absorbing nutrients meant for your lawn.

In contrast with other lawn care companies, we use a very high quality, high concentration lime product that has five times the amount of calcium and manganese, so your grass is getting nutrients that is normally not found in lawn fertilizer.

Are you interested in getting only the best for your lawn? Our organic based lawn care services are the top of the class. Call on Dyna-Green’s organic based lawn care company to do this for you. We are the preferred choice for lawn aeration in Willoughby, OH and the Greater Cleveland, OH area for good reason. If you would like to entrust your lawn to the best in organic based lawn care services see our contact page.